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Untold Travel Stories

Created in 2007, Original Senses continues to set new standards in luxury travel. Our mission is to help you see the world differently. We are not fond of the mundane. We have always set out to be distinctive. We believe the biggest attraction in every trip lies in the unknown. On every journey, we are drawn to what makes us different, because this is what brings us together – sharing new experiences with people in places beyond our familiar comfort zone. 

At Original Senses, we travel with an open mind and heart, approaching the unknown passionately and without preconceptions. We may all experience the same things, but we each interpret them differently. The world is vast, extraordinary, wise, mysterious and rich in culture, colour, sound and flavour. See it with us, interpet it with all your senses.  

The Story

Founder and CEO Sofi embodies the essence of Original Senses. A travel aficionado with extensive knowledge, experience and personal connections in her native Greece and worldwide. Her passion for discovering new destinations is driven by her belief that travel nourishes wisdom and personal growth. Her recommendations are based on in-depth research and personal experiences. She loves to share her travel stories and can't resist straying off the beaten track, far beyond the ordinary tourist attractions.
Sofi Hatzivassiliou

People that make the difference

Social Responsibility

Travel with a conscience

Original Senses is a company of travellers. We immerse ourselves in every destination's history, culture, nature and cuisine. Every trip is an opportunity for a dialogue with a different culture. We learn key phrases in the local language or dialect. We partner with local travel companies that share our passion for truly discovering a destination, while respecting the community and environment. We build relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We support local economies by supporting home-grown businesses, buying indigenous products, and eating local produce. Whenever possible, we walk or ride a bike.