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Spin the Globe

Can’t decide where to go on your next vacation? Then why not visit every place on your hit list. With our up-to-the-minute knowledge of the world’s hottest hotels, coolest experiences, and most under-the-radar destinations, Original Senses will design a round-the-world trip tailored to your unique requirements.

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Tell us what fires you up — whether that’s an adrenaline-charged escapade in the Amazon, a private view at the Hermitage, a road trip across the steppes of Mongolia, a safari in the Serengeti, swimming with dolphins in the Maldives, or an urban adventure sampling street food and scoring the best table at Michelin-starred restaurants. Just give us a wish list and we’ll create the itinerary of a lifetime.

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Your one-month journey may follow a theme - Exotic Treasures, Cultural Wonders, Incredible Wildlife - or explore a little of everything. From Chile’s Atacama Desert to the northern lights of Iceland, the sand dunes of Oman to the palaces of Rajasthan, the options are endless.

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Crossing continents in style and comfort, you’ll experience the world’s natural wonders, iconic sights, and remote landscapes — and appreciate the magnitude, diversity, and beauty of our planet like never before.

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We’ll plan every element and detail of your trip around your wishes and dreams. It is, quite literally, tailor-made travel — the most personalised luxury imaginable.

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We can arrange private viewings and priority bookings, open doors and accommodate last-minute whims. Would you rather take a helicopter ride over the Bay of Naples than explore Pompeii? No problem. Change your mind and follow your instinct.

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 After all, some of the most powerful travel experiences are the ones that don’t follow a script. Not just once in a lifetime, but one of a kind, these are moments you will never forget. 

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