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Seychelles, nature and luxury

Natural abundance defines everything on North Island, an exclusive hideaway in the Seychelles. With just 11 reclaimed wood villas camouflaged among the coconut palms and granite peaks, the landscape feels untouched by human hand. This is just as it should be: this A-list retreat is also a wildlife sanctuary, where tropical birds and turtles have been rehabilitated.  

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Every villa has direct access to the beach, but there are dozens more sheltered bays to play Robinson Crusoe. The white sand is so soft it feels like powdered sugar underfoot. A natural phenomenon on North Island, the beaches migrate around the island in a ceaseless ebb and flow dictated by the ocean currents. Often, you will literally be the first person to set foot on a beach.

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Days are planned – or unplanned - spontaneously around your whims. With two staff for every guest, you’ll never have to wait long for a personal trainer, scuba diving instructor, or masseur, a skipper for an impromptu fishing trip, or a chef to rustle up a spicy Creole barbeque on the beach. There’s no menu: every meal is cooked to order, and kitchens are pre-stocked with all your favourite treats. This all-inclusive offering is a far cry from the average package holiday. 

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And then there's Fregate. Part tropical island, part wild island, here man is a guest of exotic wildlife and pristine nature. Oetker Collection's Fregate Island Private welcomes travelers searching for inspiration, to this gorgeous sanctuary offering all the luxuries of a first-class hideaway.  

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Here nature and luxury are happy partners. Sustainable accomodations and private butlers that can arrange  breakfast on the branches of a Banyan Tree, the Fregate experience is truly magical.  With seven powder-white beaches (which you can "claim" for personal use!), 16 stunning villas, a spa, a dive club, fine dining, fishing, hobie cat races around the island, and eco explorations, Fregate offers a complete experience.  

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Ask us about this remarkable destination, and we will also tell you all about the upcoming opening of much anticipated Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island (March 2018).


(images courtesy of Oetker Collection and Wilderness Safaris)