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Oman, land of contrasts

Led by Bedouin guides, our tailor-made expeditions take you deep into this Arabian wilderness. The tracks of our four-wheel-drive dissolve into the sand, leaving no trace of our presence.  Oman’s coastline is unspoiled, with just a smattering of five-star resorts. (The Chedi gets our vote for its Moorish style and excellent service.) 

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Although safe and accessible, Oman takes pride in being off the beaten track. Six Senses Zighy Bay, set on a mile-long beach on the northern tip of Arabia, is only accessible by jeep, speedboat or, for the truly adventurous, a tandem paraglider. 

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Thrill seekers can try dune-driving or sand-boarding, but the landscape alone is electrifying. Watch sunrise over the desert with a traditional Omani qahwa (coffee) flavoured with cardamom and dates. Toast the setting sun from the crest of a 200-metre dune, a sea of russet sand rippling in all directions.

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Watch migrating birds soar above sparkling salt flats. Feast on lamb and aubergine roasted over a campfire, with nothing around for miles and miles but the sound of silence.



(images courtesy of Six Senses Zighy Bay and The Chedi)