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Nile Cruise, Soar in the Infinite

Flowing from Rwanda through Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia, cutting through Egypt to finally end up in the Mediterranean, the Nile is the longest and most celebrated river in the world. Steeped in ancient history and religious fable, this river played a crucial role in the forming of the Egyptian Civilization. In Herodotus’ words: Egypt is the gift of the Nile.


To experience this truly majestic river in the manner of 19th Century archeologists and wealthy adventurers, board a traditional dahabyia. Dahabiya in arabic means “the golden one” and essentially refers to a house-boat, with room for no more than 20 guests.



With its large, canvas-covered top deck, en-suite cabins and elegant downstairs salon, this vessel is a unique blend of authentic architecture and modern luxury.


Dahabyias move slowly and are able to moor in places that the bigger cruisers cannot. Travel at a gentler pace, spend more time on the river than tied up in a harbor, and see much more along the way.  Accompanied by the resident Egyptologist, be enchanted by stories of a glorious past, and explore magnificent sites on a truly private journey-of-a-lifetime.


From Esna to Aswan, sail past palms, mango trees and tall bulrushes, discover ancient temples and thriving merchant towns, explore busy city streets on a horse-carriage, climb to see ancient tombs carved into the slope of the mountains and swim in the holy waters of the Nile.


Discover the elemental beauty of Egypt’s civilization and the compelling substance of a history set to light a primal spark.  A Nile cruise has been the iconic journey for travelers through centuries. Its draw is the combination of culture, history, mystery, a rudimentary sense of romance and enchantment, that comes the first time you feel the gentle river breeze on your bare shoulders.