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Meet the Artist

Continuing our quest to discover the hidden spaces and cultural treasures of Athens, we met with renowned artist Kostis Velonis, who gave us a private tour of ‘A Puppet Sun’.

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Curated by Vassilis Oikonomopoulos, assistant curator at Tate Modern, this intriguing exhibition extends throughout Kaplanon 11, one of the oldest neoclassical mansions in Athens.

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Built by an admiral who later became President of Greece, the mansion was subsequently occupied by a political party, a literary salon, and a boarding house for female students.  With its carved wooden ceilings, intricate plaster cornices, hand-painted ceilings, and marble columns, the building is a masterpiece in its own right.

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The Hellenistic and Byzantine influences are offset by Velonis’ moving, minimalist sculptures fashioned from metal, wood and found objects.

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Inspired by poetry and the strong contradictions that the building has seen through time, the artist addresses new relations between space and art.  

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Kaplanon 11 is the latest derelict space to be opened up by NEON, a non-profit organisation that works to bring contemporary culture closer to everyone — a noble mission that we actively support with our insider tours that go behind closed doors. 

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(A Puppet Sun at Kaplanon 11 - NEON Foundation/City Project, running till 14/01/2018)