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Meet Dimitris Karampatakis of K-Studio

On Mykonos, strict regulations mean that every new building has to follow the traditional, minimalist style. Nevertheless, the most in-demand architects on the island have dared to break the mould. 

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Brothers and founding partners Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis have introduced a new ‘Mykonos look’ to the island’s hippest beach bars (Scorpios, Alemagou), sexiest hotels (Branco, Bill and Coo Coast), and most luxurious villas.

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Rather than classic white minimalism, K-Studio’s aesthetic is ethnic-chic. But their work is rooted in traditional building techniques. “The curved walls, enclosed courtyards, low buildings painted with whitewash were all born out of necessity: it was cheaper, but also protected residents from the elements,” says Dimitris Karampatakis. “Only the distinctive dovecotes, with their decorative patterns, were a sign of prosperity.”

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Using natural materials in sand and earth tones, their buildings seem to disappear into the rocky landscape. Sometimes, the giant boulders scattered around Mykonos’ hills are incorporated into the buildings, like natural sculptures.

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All K-Studio’s projects share a strong sense of place. That’s because the Karampatakis brothers spent every summer on Mykonos when they were growing up. “Mykonos is an ever-changing place. The amazing diversity and choice are what makes it so unique,” says Karampatakis. “Everyone falls in love with a specific facet of the island. It’s like a stage: people come, enjoy the intense experience, leave their mark, and move on.”

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Karampatakis has certainly left his own mark on the island. K-Studio are currently helping to upgrade Mykonos Airport, so even if you don’t opt for a table at Scorpios or a suite at Bill and Coo, you will soon be able to admire their signature style upon arrival!

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