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LA DONAIRA / Feel-good vibes on a biodynamic farm

Since opening in 2015, this “life lab…on a quest to find the best and most sustainable way of doing things”, has quietly evolved into one of the chicest little eco-retreats on the planet. 

With just eight rustic-cool rooms and a seriously sexy yurt sprinkled among 1700 acres of farmland, La Donaira has an instantly calming effect.

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With a paddock of Lusitano horses, many guests come for exhilarating gallops across the painterly landscape.

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But there are plenty more reasons to check in to La Donaira and check out of digital overload. Musical salons, detox weekends, or simply a well-deserved wellness break, featuring bracing dips in a pool fed by a mountain spring, outdoor Ashtanga yoga sessions, deep tissue massages, purifying facials, and rejuvenating body scrubs with hand-blended oils from the organic herb gardens, meditative forest walks, and divine meals made with biodynamic ingredients grown on the spot.  

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