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California Dreaming

Is there anywhere more emblematic of California’s happy, healthy, sunny lifestyle than Malibu? This prime stretch of the Pacific Coastal Highway is a mecca for surfers, beach babes, sports stars and Hollywood royalty.


All crashing waves, golden sands, and tanned, toned bodies, Malibu is inspiration enough to look and feel your absolute best. But if you need a kick start, we know just the place to reboot and recharge.


Secluded in the wilderness above Zuma beach, The Ranch is a luxury boot camp best suited to type-A personalities. The estate once belonged to silent movie star William Boyd. Now guests stay in rustic cottages where the day starts at 5.30am with four-hour hikes into the Santa Monica mountains and epic Jurassic canyons.


That’s followed by a non-stop regime of hardcore workouts and challenging yoga classes, punctuated by daily massages to relieve tired muscles and soothe away tension. Revitalizing vegan meals — made with organic ingredients sourced locally or grown on site —look as delicious as they taste. And the pure, plant-based diet is guaranteed to help you shed pounds during your 4, 7, or 10-day retreat.


Opting out is not an option and you don’t get to choose your 8 hours of low impact activity each day. So, unplug your phone and let the motivational coaches, nurturing nutritionists and inspiring coastal landscapes reset your system. Get back in tune with nature as you get back in touch with your body, testing yourself to the limits of physical endurance. Breathe in the clear ocean air, cool off in cascading waterfalls, look out for whales and dolphins riding the waves with the surfers, or just soak up the magical sunsets.


You’ll leave looking better, feeling stronger, and with a wealth of healthy habits that you can easily keep up in the real world. Sure, you’ll work hard to feel great. But the transformative effects will be worth every ounce of effort.


Selected images courtesy of The Ranch, Malibu