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Bisate Lodge / Rwanda

With just six thatched villas peeking above the tropical forest, the stunning interiors of this eco-lodge embrace the culture of rural Rwanda. Their conical shape is typical of local architecture.

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Cosy interiors are a beautiful blend of low-key luxury (black resin bathtubs, volcanic stone fireplaces) and traditional craftsmanship (geometric textiles, walls clad in woven grass matting). Pops of emerald green reflect the jungle enclosing the bamboo verandas. 

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The setting is dramatic: an eroded volcanic cone surrounded by rainforest, right in the heart of Volcanoes National Park. This is one of Africa’s most biodiverse regions: a haven for 178 bird species, golden monkeys, side-striped jackals, buffalo, elephants, bushbucks and Egyptian mongoose. But the kings of this jungle arethe mountain gorillas of the Virunga. 

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Eco-tourism plays a critical role in the conservation of this critically endangered species, which shares more than 97% of its DNA with humans. Guided treks afford a rare opportunity to meet these extraordinary creatures in their natural habitat. To help protect their fragile eco-system, over 15000 indigenous trees were planted during the construction of Bisate Lodge. Every guest is invited to contribute to reforestation efforts by planting a tree during their stay. This immersive journey deep into the African bush takes you way beyond the average safari experience. 


(Images courtesy of Bisate Eco Lodge - 2018)