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A taste of old-world style glamour


Train travel may not be as popular as it once was, but it is definitely making a glamorous come-back. This luxury train travels along one of the highest train routes in the world, to take you exploring iconic destinations like Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Arequipa, a city surrounded by volcanos and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Begin your journey at Cusco, once the center of the ancient Inca Empire, nestled high up in the Peruvian Andes. The landscape is dazzling but so are the train’s carriages, initially built for the Great South Pacific Express, fully renovated and adorned with everything from crystal chandeliers to a beautiful baby grand piano.  Relive the days when people dressed for dinner, enjoyed champagne in unhurried style, and maybe even packed their precious belongings in handmade leather trunks, rather than aluminum suitcases.


The train will stable (train language for stop!), so you may get off and impulsively explore those remote locations, marvel at the soaring condors, or be introduced to the Peruvian culinary traditions over an al fresco lunch.


Of course, such a journey will also take you to visit key destinations around the country such as the islands of Uros, and Isla Taquile near the Bolivian border, where you will be exposed to rustic traditions, and learn about everyday life in this isolated part of the world.


Back on board, fight a possible hap of Soroche (the common altitude sickness) with a cup of freshly made coca tea, or simply indulge in an after-dinner pisco sour in one of the bar cars.


Take advantage of slow time and pay attention to everything from the snow-capped mountains, breathtaking views, ancient ruins, vicunas and alpacas, outside, to the surrounding elegance of art nouveau ceilings and pristine pressed linens, inside. This is a celebration of natural wonder, culture, glamour, entertainment (plenty to do on board the train), gastronomy and relaxation.


This is an adventure marked by beautiful sights, and is inevitably taken in with all the senses. The heart-warming elegance and impeccable hospitality of the Belmond Andean Explorer, along with the exciting, yet calming natural beauty, and cultural wealth of the Andes, make up a trip that will leave you reminiscent of distant worlds and eras long past.