Iconic Mongolia

This journey provides a glimpse into Mongolian life, into the landscapes and unique biodiversity of this vast country. Experience the incredible contrasts of the country, and the hospitality of Mongolia’s nomads from Gobi Desert to lake Hovsgol near its northern border with Siberia.

Country MONGOLIA Places You'll see Ulaanbaatar
Lake Hovsgol
Gobi Gurvansaikhan – Yol Valley
Gegeet Valley – Hongoryn Els
Tugrugiin Shiree
Approximately 1385 KM
Duration 14 DAYS / 13 NIGHTS


Day 1
From Athens to Ulaanbaatar
Day 2
We will visit Gandan Monastery, the seat of Buddhism in Mongolia, drive through downtown Ulaanbaatar to the National Museum for an overview of Mongolia’s culture and history. We will also visit the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum which contains one of the best collections of Buddhist art in the world. In the evening we will enjoy the gorgeous view over the city, and the Tuul River from Zaisan Memorial.
Day 3-4
Lake Hovsgol
In the morning we will fly north to Murun and then onwards to Lake Hovsgol, passing through the Mongolian steppe. Lake Hovsgol is an alpine, crystal-clear alpine lake known as Mongolia’s “dark blue pearl”, and remains untouched by industry. We will spend the night in a ger. We will spend the next day exploring the lake and surroundings, kayak, walk and horse-backride Mongolian style.
Day 5
We will spend the day returning to Murun to catch our flight back to Ulaanbaatar, but on the way we will enjoy a picnic lunch at Lake Irkh.
Day 6-7
We will drive to Kharakhorum and on the way be introduced to the last remaining species of wild horse, the takhi. We spend the night in a gercamb and start early in the morning to explore Kharakhorum, the 13th century capital of the Mongol Empire created by Chinggis Khan. We will explore the ruins, monasteries and surrounding area before we return to the ger camp for a fine dining experience under the stars.
Day 8
Drive back to Ulaanbaatar, and along the way, experience the warm hospitality offered to travelers by the locals. Spend the night at a 5-star hotel.
Day 9
Gobi Gurvansaikhan – Yol Valley
Begin the day flying over the steppe to Mongolia’s southernmost province, to the Gobi. For the next few days, explore the beautiful landscape and the incredible wildlife that lives here.
Day 10-11
Gegeet Valley – Hongoryn Els
Drive to GegeetValley , habitat of the white leopard, visit the towering HongorynEls (dunes known as the “Singing Sands”) and continue the journey alongside the Gobi Altai Mountain range. Spend the first night in a ger camp and drive back to the lodge near Gurvansaikhan Gobi National Park, after lunch on the second day.
Day 12
Tugrugiin Shiree
Drive to Tugrigiin Shiree and the incredible “Flaming Cliffs” named for the sandstone that glows at sunrise and sunset.
Day 13
Back to Ulaanbaatar
This morning we fly back to Ulaanbaatar and visit the museum of Bogd Khan Winter Palace. In the evening we will enjoy dinner and a performance by traditional Mongolian dancers as we say farewell to this wondrous land.
Day 14
Depart for Athens


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