Botswana's wild side

Botswana is gifted with a spectacular wildlife diversity and dramatic, breathtaking landscapes. We will explore this sparsely populated haven and guide you through the ultimate Safari experience.
Amazing waterfalls, riverside views, pukus and elephants, mixed woodlands and grasslands, relaxing nights under the light of paraffin lanterns and crackling campfire; Botswana is a Sub-Saharan dream waiting to be discovered.

Country Botswana Places You'll see Victoria Falls
Chobe National Park
Okavango Delta
Jacana Camp
Jao Concession
Approximately 1385 KM
Duration DAYS 11 / NIGHTS 10


Day 1
Victoria Falls
Guided tour of the Victoria Falls. Then head straight to gorgeous safari-style camp which offers breath-taking views of the mighty Zambezi river.
Day 2-4
Kesane, Chobe National Park
Today we will take a light aircraft and head to Kesane from where we will embark upon a leisurely river cruise down the Chobe river. We will have the chance to observe pukus, hippos and crocodiles in their glorious habitat. Just a short flight away we will reach our scenic and stylish camp. Bordering the Chobe National Parkour chosen accommodation not only is it the epitome of African ambience and luxury but also offers an unparalleled base for exploration of this extremely biodiverse area.
Day 5-7
Okavango Delta
Once again we will take a light aircraft and be off to the breathtaking Okavango Delta. The scale and magnificence of the habitat helped it secure a UNESCO listing, and a position as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. Our camp of choice is totally eco-friendly and designed to recreate the style of early explorers, adding a last touch of perfection to this majestic experience.
Days 8-10
Jacana Camp, Jao Concession, Okavango Delta
We will continue to explore the wider area of the Okavango Delta today after taking a short flight to the wetlands of the Delta. The permanently flooded area offers a singular setting for the observation of a spectacular variety of birds and flying species. Our lodging of choice is one of the five Meru-styletents, offering lazily swimming on a hammock, gathering around open fire and gazing at this endless watery Eden.
Okavango Delta OR
Our alternative option of the last three days is as well located on the waterlands of the Delta. Here you may enjoy quintessential Delta activities such as poling on a mokoro or motorboat outings. Our accommodation of choice is a superbly luxurious camp offering a direct view to the astonishing floral and faunal biodiversity.
Day 11
Transfer by light aircraft from Jacana/Xigera to Maun Airport for your international flight.


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